Trog Bar

Trog Bar 2010.03

Intelligent task and time management sidebar for Outlook. Stress less. Do more
2010.03.04 (See all)

Seize control of your tasks, email, and time with the TROG Bar: the Total, Relaxed Organization Guru. Designed by time management experts, this intelligent sidebar automatically prioritizes, manages, and coordinates your task list, email, and calendars--recommending the best tasks to do next--so you spend your time being productive instead of managing to do lists.
Trog Bar is fast and incredibly fun to use:

- Brilliantly supports GTD (Getting Things Done), TRO (Total, Relaxed Organization), and other popular task and time management systems.
- Sidebar design gives you quick access to your daily tasks, appointments, and calendar, with a scratchpad to quickly collect and process tasks and projects.
- Recommends agendas for scheduled and unscheduled meetings.
- Shows you tasks for any category or contact in two clicks.
- Searches as you type for instant task lookup.
- Integrates your tasks and your calendar for effective time budgeting and task scheduling.
- Works seamlessly with Outlook email, appointments, task lists, and contacts, so you'll never have to import, export, or synchronize with your Outlook databases.
- Gently teaches best time management practices and workflow processing.
- Connects you with free "15-minute coaches" to help you process your workflow, manage your email, and define your "strategic calendar."
- Requires Outlook 2003 or later, but does not require Outlook to be actively running for most features.
- Microsoft Exchange Server compatible. (Runs in Cached Exchange Mode for maximum performance.)
The result? You feel relaxed control of your tasks, email, and time. You concentrate on your work instead of your tools. Your mind stays uncluttered. You accomplish more, in less time, with a lot less stress. You'll be so organized you won't know how you ever lived without it.

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